先,装好系统,我这里选择的是centos5.7 32bit,因为centos6.*版本及64bit版本可能遇到问题,我强烈建议大家选择centos5.* 32bit系统。大部分的教程均提示,先检查和卸载已安装的apache、mysql等组件,其实这一步我经常没做,也没遇到太多问题,不过,还是建议做吧,毕竟这都是前人总结的经验啦~~~



# rpm -qa | grep mysql
# yum remove mysql


# rpm -qa | grep httpd
# yum remove httpd


# rpm -qa | grep php
# yum remove php

yum install screen #安装screen(如果已有则跳过)
screen –S kloxo #建立一个窗口
wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh #下载脚本
sh ./kloxo-installer.sh –type=master 运行脚本


yum install php-bcmath

yum install php-mbstring

yum check-update

yum update

yum clean all



然后登陆KLOXO,General Settings,Appearance,Language选择chinese即可。



Kloxo Installation Guide

1) A dedicated or virtual server running CentOS or Red Hat EL 5.x. CentOS 6.x is not currently supported.
2) At least 256 MB of RAM (enough to run Yum).
3) At least 2 GB of free disk space for Kloxo and related services.
4) If you partitioned your disks manually, make sure you have a large /tmp. Kloxo uses /tmp to create and store backups temporarily and the process will fail if there is not enough space.

Before we begin…

You have to disable SELinux by editing /etc/sysconfig/selinux and changing the line to selinux=disabled. This will keep SELinux from being enabled on your server next boot.

Then you must run the following command as root to disable SELinux for the current session:

# su – root
# setenforce 0

If you are unsure this procedure worked, you can run /usr/sbin/sestatus to check its status. Failure to correctly disable SELinux will render your Kloxo install useless and an OS reload may be required to properly reinstall it.
Also, make sure the ports 7778/tcp and 7777/tcp are open in your server firewall or you won’t be able to connect to Kloxo web panel when the install completes.

Installing Kloxo

Kloxo installation consists of downloading kloxo-installer.sh from download.lxcenter.org and executing it as root. The script will present you with a few questions and sometimes ask for a password (enter your root password).

If you don’t have MySQL server already installed, you must run:

# su – root
# yum install -y wget
# wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh

To install as Master (Default Single Server):
# sh ./kloxo-installer.sh –type=master

To install as Slave:
# sh ./kloxo-installer.sh –type=slave

If you already have MySQL installed and set a root password, you must run:

# su – root
# yum install -y wget
# wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh
# sh ./kloxo-installer.sh –type= –db-rootpassword=PASSWORD

Once kloxo is installed, you can connect to http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:7778 and you will be presented with a login screen. Login as admin with password admin and once you are in, Kloxo will ask you to change the default password to a secure one.


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